Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Display type:Digital form Measure method:Oscillometric Measure range:Blood pressure:0-300mmHg(0-40kpa) Pulse:40/min-200/min Memory: 21sets (including blood pressure,pulse rate,date,time) Accuracy: Blood pressure:±3mmHg(±0.4kpa) Pulse:±..


Rechargeable Hearing Aids cellion

The world’s first lithium-ion, inductive-charging hearing aid.A versatile RIC that treats all hearing losses.Warranty = 2 years .Make the most of your day.Welcome to the next generation in hearing aid technology in a smart, OneShell design. With its ..


Siemens 2 channel BTE Hearing Aid

FEATURES & BENEFITS :Siemens Lotus Pro P BTE 2 channel digital Programmable hearing aid. This latest disigned Lotus PRO P model is, Ready-To-Wear, 100% Pure Digital, It suits for Moderate to Severe hearing loss. For the wearer it means superior s..



FEATURES & BENEFITS :Siemens Intuis 2 BTE / CIC 12 – Channels Programmable Hearing Aid. No bells and whistles, just good hearing: Discreet, rugged, and hassle-free to use, the Intuis 2 family lets you enjoy the pleasure of easy listening. Availab..


Siemens Prompt 8 Channel BTE Hearing Aid

Hear better with less effort.Welcome to Siemens Signia! We’re here to help you find the answers you need about hearing loss and hearing aids — for yourself or on behalf of someone you love.About Siemens Signia products.FEATURES & BENEFITS :UNDERS..


Siemens TOUCHING Behind-the-Ear Digital Hearing Aid

TOUCHING is a very reliable digital hearing aid by Siemens - one of the largest manufactures of hearing aids in the world. It has 100% digital signal processing chip. Has a highly advanced feedback elimination system for comfortable hearing. Provides..


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